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CN-105622715-A: Quick preparation method and application of chickpea polypeptide powder patent, CN-105625551-A: 一种卫浴地漏 patent, CN-105625803-A: Windproof dust-suppressing wall patent, CN-105627861-A: Detection tool for gas-out end of exhaust manifold patent, CN-105628072-A: Electric power instrument box patent, CN-105628600-A: Experiment apparatus and experiment method for evaluating lubricating performance of deep well drilling fluid patent, CN-105629694-A: Isolation device for developing roller and photosensitive drum patent, CN-105630857-A: 录音文件的管理方法、录音文件的管理系统和终端 patent, CN-105631682-A: Offline entity verification system of dedicated system platform patent, CN-105632402-A: Light-transmitting LED display panel and stereoscopic display device thereof patent, CN-105632517-A: 具有低磁矩和高垂直磁各向异性材料的自旋力矩振荡器 patent, CN-105633844-A: 一种具有计量功能的隔离手车 patent, CN-105636244-A: 活动监测基站 patent, CN-105639184-A: High-nutrition and low-cost crab feed and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105639643-A: Instant nutrition grain powder and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105639803-A: 防紫外线尺寸稳定性较好面料 patent, CN-105640583-A: 血管造影方法 patent, CN-105641251-A: Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating gallbladder cancer patent, CN-105644197-A: 蓄墨型毛笔 patent, CN-105649148-A: 智能超声波水槽 patent, CN-105650398-A: 一种封堵器 patent, CN-105651291-A: Fault early warning method and system for vehicles patent, CN-105652363-A: 背光模组及液晶显示器 patent, CN-105653414-A: Method for achieving automatic switching between DOS and other test platforms patent, CN-105653624-A: 数据服务器及数据储存方法 patent, CN-105653765-A: Four-side layout method of multi-phase VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) power circuit patent, CN-105654115-A: 一种面向行为识别的密度适应性聚类方法 patent, CN-105654867-A: Agricultural and sideline product poster advertising display device and method patent, CN-105654946-A: 用于语音识别的设备和方法 patent, CN-105654974-A: Multimedia playing device and multimedia playing method patent, CN-105655747-A: 中高压电力接续线夹 patent, CN-105656312-A: Switching power supply device patent, CN-105658717-A: 耐磨材料 patent, CN-105659212-A: Detection of hot pages for partition hibernation patent, CN-105659689-A: 用于无线环境中的双重角色处理的方法和系统 patent, CN-105660553-A: Novel net hauling method for pond patent, CN-105660565-A: Insect pest trapping and counting device and insect pest quantity recognition method patent, CN-105663236-A: 一种治疗胰腺炎的药物组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-105663313-A: Medicine for promoting tissue regeneration and setting broken bone patent, CN-105663711-A: 一种芦荟祛痘霜及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-105669121-A: Silica and copper oxide aerogel foam cement patent, CN-105669273-A: Culture medium for edible mushrooms and culture method thereof patent, CN-1056732-A: Heating element assembly for glow plug patent, CN-105674227-A: Heat dissipating device of LED lamp patent, CN-105675105-A: 一种中药材称取装置 patent, CN-105676918-A: 一种温室育苗架监控系统 patent, CN-105677981-A: Multi-displacement-boundary-value constraint working condition handling method for large-scale structure finite element model patent, CN-105678248-A: Face key point alignment algorithm based on deep learning patent, CN-105678739-A: Resolution test method for three-dimensional image of cone beam CT system patent, CN-105678847-A: Micro-scale object surface reconstruction method based on line laser to SLM micro stereo vision patent, CN-105681577-A: 依情境响应来电与处理未接来电的方法 patent, CN-105681990-A: 一种硅电容麦克风 patent, CN-105682069-A: 一种配置网络资源的方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-105682384-A: 一种柔性多层线路板及其制作方法 patent, CN-105683899-A: Output system, terminal device and output method patent, CN-105684951-A: 孵化机的蛋架 patent, CN-105685253-A: 一种提高豆干质构的方法 patent, CN-105688170-A: External traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating stroke, preparation of external traditional Chinese medicinal composition and preparation method of external traditional Chinese medicinal composition patent, CN-105690101-A: Production line for metal strip edge processing patent, CN-105693405-A: Special hymexazol-containing fertilizer for peanuts patent, CN-105696986-A: Novel combination flooding oil flooding experiment/test simulating method patent, CN-105698882-A: An ultrasonic wave flow meter patent, CN-105699288-A: 一种球形磨头预修硬脆材料摩擦副的高速摩擦测试方法 patent, CN-105699521-A: 一种苯唑嘧菌胺残留量的gc-ms/ms快速测定方法 patent, CN-105700715-A: Page-flipping pen capable of controlling computer cursor and control method therefor patent, CN-105701482-A: Face recognition algorithm configuration based on unbalance tag information fusion patent, CN-105702414-A: 一种改进的比例电磁铁结构 patent, CN-105703928-A: Traffic adjustment method and traffic adjustment device patent, CN-105704357-A: Lens module and shooting device provided with same patent, CN-105704589-A: 耳机 patent, CN-105705174-A: Production of semifinished goods for implants based on plastic patent, CN-105706428-A: Method of providing message and user device supporting the same patent, CN-105706518-A: CSFB call establishment method and device patent, CN-105710332-A: 叶片铸造方法 patent, CN-105710771-A: 便捷式液压传动的外齿轮夹紧机构 patent, CN-105712261-A: Suspension arm patent, CN-105712415-A: Papermaking sewage treatment agent patent, CN-105713765-A: Egg fruit wine processing method patent, CN-105713860-A: Acid-resistant bacterial cellulose high-yielding strain and method for preparing edible bacterial cellulose with same patent, CN-105715022-A: 水泥砂浆粉墙机用并条模 patent, CN-105715475-A: 一种方便操控的轴向柱塞式液压泵 patent, CN-105718297-A: 虚拟机建立系统以及方法 patent, CN-105722237-A: A method for provisioning non-real-time data patent, CN-105723386-A: Methods, systems, and devices for detecting and resolving risks associated with shipped objects patent, CN-105724638-A: Functional tea capable of fat burning, weight reducing, cooling and blood pressure reducing, and production method thereof patent, CN-105725205-A: Liver function nourishing, protecting and repairing ferment nutrition patent, CN-105727102-A: Traditional Chinese medicine for preventing and treating cough and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105727558-A: Interaction invitation processing method and device patent, CN-105728648-A: Method for manufacturing blank of pipe clamp patent, CN-105729480-A: Dancing robot patent, CN-105730171-A: 四旋翼垂直起降飞行汽车 patent, CN-105732143-A: 一种不翻堆的有机肥制作方法 patent, CN-105732832-A: Preparation method of cordyceps militaris polysaccharide patent, CN-105739037-A: 一种锁色光缆 patent, CN-105739751-A: 触摸屏装置 patent, CN-105740195-A: Or Enhanced Data Bus Invert Encoding For Or Chained Buses patent, CN-105740882-A: Target identification method and target identification device based on multi-scale invariant description patent, CN-105741088-A: Routing matching payment method and device patent, CN-105743518-A: Antenna tuning method and antenna tuning device patent, CN-105744127-A: 摄像模组及其电气支架和组装方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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